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Parking Lot Resurfacing Atlanta

If you own a parking lot and it has been years since it has been maintained you’ll notice cracks start to appear in your parking lot. If caught quickly you can do some minor fixes and repair the parking lot before it needs some major repairs.

Often times the damages to your parking lot come from water seeping into the pavement due to poor drainage and/or due to the parking lot losing its sealcoat protective layer and being affected by the suns UV rays. Without regular maintenance, your parking lot can get into a lot of damages, causing you to need to find a resurface solution for your parking lot.

We help businesses resurface their parking lot to make it look brand new. One way we do this is by using Permaflex paving overlay to get into the cracks of the previous asphalt. It helps to seal the cracks so that water cannot get into the cracks and further damage or distress the pavement. If the existing cracks are not sealed up then they can cause further damage in the future as they begin to break the top layer of asphalt.

In Permaflex paving overly we uses the existing asphalt as the subbase and the Permaflex overlay goes into the cracks to make sure that it is a solid base. After the Permaflex overlay we put a new layer of asphalt pavement, creating a beautiful blacktop parking lot once again.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust to do a Permaflex paving overly and fix your asphalt pavement then give us a call! We can get your parking lot back to being beautiful and functional for your customers.

Another option to repairing your parking lot is through Full Depth Reclamation which we also provide. To learn more about Full Depth Reclamation visit our Full Depth Reclamation page.